Susan Daltry

All my work begins with a journey, an exploration of unknown terrain or sea. I am interested in how the physical action of exploring through diving or walking stores up memories, sensations of place that can be directed into drawings, prints and paintings. Current work started from observation of water forms in flux; tracing the tide and sea levels at Southwold. I work in series, emphasising a sense of movement and change. I am also influenced by artists whose work is concerned with a metaphysical aspect of representing a state of mind/ situation through depicting/ describing an image of nature.

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Susan Daltry grew up between the Solway Estuary and the Northern Fells in Cumbria, consequently she is fascinated by physical geography and fractals; water, rock, clouds, trees; the shifting landscape. She is as likely to pick up a book on geology or mathematical images of strange attractors or visit the Natural History Museum’s earth galleries as to study ‘Pictures of Nothing’, a book on the history of abstract art. She creates work in response to journeys and place; and has exhibited work in the UK, Spain and Egypt. She gained an MA in Fine Art studying in Winchester and Barcelona.

2018 Cley18, Cley-next-to-Sea, Norfolk
2017 Connectivity, Cley 17, Cley-next-to-Sea, Norfolk
2015 Art Matters, Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, West Sussex
2015 Full Circle, Vallum Ditch Gallery, University of Cumbria, Carlisle, Cumbria
2015 Original Prints selected by Norman Ackroyd RA, Zillah Bell Gallery, Thirsk, North Yorkshire
2015 The Bank, Eye, Suffolk
2015 Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London
2015 Break the Mould, Stew Gallery, Norwich

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