Sue Caddy

My work takes its inspiration from objects found in nature, in particular the seed pod which I use as a metaphor of the expression of the maternal relationship.

The ceramic pods function as constantly evolving vessel forms that often contain another form within, evoking ideas concerning nurture, protection, safety and containment. The making of these objects reflects the ambiguous nature of the maternal bond with its unique transitional and interdependent qualities. I aim for these qualities in my work as it gives each piece a sense of inner energy, pressure, and tension, which I hope resonates in a non-literal way with the viewer.

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After gaining a BA in Fine Art from the University of Sunderland I went on to become an art therapist working within the NHS psychiatric system. Art as a valuable therapeutic tool has always interested me and more recently I undertook a Masters in Sculptural Practice at the Minories in Colchester where I explored this interest further.

Masters at the Minories, Colchester 2015

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