Roger Gamble

For most of my artistic life I have been a figurative painter, much preoccupied with images of people in commonplace situations, with little ironies and paradoxes. I still from time to time revert back to this, my ‘comfort zone’, but much of my interest nowadays involves the possibilities offered by the strong horizontals and wide spaces of Breckland, the Fens, and the coastlines of Norfolk.

As my figurative instincts still present an obstacle to resolving these themes in completely abstract form, I work away now by deconstructing most of the literal information and then re-creating the image by playing with space and colour, striving all the time to hold on to the essential song that the work is singing. For me painting is a constant source of discovery, and self-discovery.

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Studied at the City of Norwich School and Norwich School of Art, Roger was trained as a Lithographic Artist with Jarrolds, retiring from printing and publishing in 1994 to concentrate on music and painting. Gaining first prize in the Eastern Open exhibition created impetus and interest from galleries. Success also followed with acceptances at London’s Mall Galleries and other open exhibitions. He is a founder-member of Breckland Artists.

Art Alive, Norwich Assembly House
Artworks, Blackthorpe Barn, Suffolk
Mandell’s Gallery, Norwich
King’s Lynn Arts Centre
Wymondham Arts Centre
The Forum, Norwich
Anteros Gallery, Norwich

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