Patricia Lomax

My paintings are generally about place. That can be landscape, house and home, work or play places, and even events both large and small. Places where I might find myself, sometimes unexpectedly or unusually, either comfortably or otherwise. This interest arises I think due to the fact that my life has been lived in a long series of changing homes and lifestyles, including an ocean going yacht for many years. Such an exciting and unsettled existence was bound to come out in my paintings somehow, and has led to exciting and colourful canvasses.

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I come from a family of painters and makers so grew up in a household of creatives. I first went to art school in the 1950’s in Avignon in France but was asked to leave after 15 months due to inattention. But I did learn to speak French! My second attempt was at Wall Hall College in Hertfordshire where I gained a teaching diploma with a distinction in art as a main course. My third and final foray into art education was in 1988/92 at Falmouth School of Art and Design gaining a diploma in Fine Art.

May 2018 Red Dot Gallery, Wingfield
Feb 2018 Aldeburgh Gallery
Nov 2017 Garage Gallery Aldeburgh
April 2017 Affordable Art Fair, London
Feb 2017 California commission for two 60″ square paintings
Dec 2016 Art-Movement Gallery Battersea, London
June 2016 The Gallery Launceston, Cornwall

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