Mike Ashley

The struggle to achieve a convincing image is my main challenge and pleasure. I find that errors are essential for the development of my images, and hopefully they lead to a substantial conclusion which could not be pre-planned. The element of surprise at the end of a mental tussle is an uncertain but hopeful reward. These paintings started in late Autumn, based on sights along field edges, the remnants of last year’s growth, dried stalks, fraying foliage, wind-torn seed cases, together with remembered experiences – all go into my image mixer.

All paintings are acrylic on Birch-faced ply. The square format reflects the enjoyment I had using a Rolliflex 120 x 120 camera.

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Mike Ashley worked for two years in the design and display studio at Dickens and Jones, London, before training at the Hornsey College of Art for four years, where he specialised in painting and lithography. He then went on to teach art for many years.

Recent Exhibitions
Artworks annual exhibition, Blackthorpe Barn, Suffolk

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