Lucy Lutyens

My work continues to be influenced by shapes in the rural world around me, which increasingly turn into birdlike or botanical shapes but recently have been a reflection on the ever shifting role of women as families mature and fly free. I continue to work in direct resin as a robust material that works well for much of my work – firstly for its strength but also for its durability to life outdoors as many of my pieces work well both indoors and out and although they are intended to be cast in bronze – resin is an honest substitute.

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Having studied at Colchester School of Art (2003-2006), I have continued learning sculptural techniques with sculptor Miles Robinson in Suffolk. I live and work on an organic farm near Colchester and find inspiration in the history of those who have worked the land for generations. The surrounding landscape and the cyclical continuity and balance of nature have moulded my creativity for twenty seven years and are key sources of inspiration, influencing my flowing shapes which increasingly evolve into birdlike or botanical forms reduced to a simpler abstract idea.

Recent Exhibitions
2014 Sprung, Sculpt Gallery and at the RHS Hyde Hall
2014 LIGHT Group Exhibition, Bures, Suffolk
2014 Artworks 15th Annual Exhibition, Blackthorpe Barn, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
2014 Shaping the Future, Sculpt Gallery
2014 Affordable Art Fair, London
2013 Summer Exhibition, Sculpt Gallery

Exhibitions in 2015
2015 LIGHT Group Exhibition, The Old Bakery, Bures, Suffolk (29th May – 5th June)
2015 Artwave West Gallery, Bridport, Dorset (5th June – 18th July)
2015 Summer Exhibition, Sculpt Gallery, Braxted, Essex (11th July – 29th August)
2015 Artworks 16th Annual Exhibition, Blackthorpe Barn, Suffolk (5th Sept – 27th Sept)

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