Doug Patterson

Doug originally trained at the Royal College of Art and the Architectural Association. He has always worked as an architect and artist, constantly travelling and illustrating his journeys in numerous collections and books. Currently he is preparing for an exhibition in 2016 which involves 20 journeys to 20 sacred places in the world. As part of this project he is currently working as the artist in residence at the Culham Nuclear Fusion Centre in Oxford. His next location in this series is Cern in Geneva (Haldron Collider). In tandem with his artwork, Doug is working on a 20-20 minute series of radio programmes which will be transmitted during his exhibition.

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Doug has travelled extensively painting and drawing in the tradition of the travelling artist, believing that the process of painting and drawing gives a intimate insight into a place, and a unique access to people, his own work combines this passion of line and colour and his numerous portfolios have formed a series of major collections. His work in research, design, logistics and construction in both architecture and marine design is extensive in both vision and concept.

Collections and Exhibitions
Doug’s work is represented in numerous private collections. His last solo exhibition was at The National Theatre, London in 2010. He is currently preparing for a major exhibition of his 20 Sacred Places journeys in 2016.

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